Introducing Automatic Voltage Matching and Anti-Counterfeiting Technology

All three features are achieved by chips embedded in cartridge and battery. Let’s see how these two chips work and interact under each feature.


Automatic Voltage Matching

The built-in chip in battery can read out data programmed in cartridge and automatically output the specific voltage for optimal vaporization to get the better performance. By doing this, you do not need to manually adjust the output voltage, but still can enjoy a optimum vaping experience.


How to Work

Firstly, Our R&D team works with the oil brand to get voltage data about the filled oil by collecting feedback from customers and testing in laboratory, and then write data on the chip in cartridge.

When connected with battery, the chip in the battery can read this voltage data and automatically output it.



Instantly identify connected cartridge from counterfeit with interacting built-in chips to verify product authenticity.

Built-in chips can encode and decode data sent by chips in cartridge and battery each other, the LED indicator lights display the status once connected.


How to Work

Write two sets of data in two chips respectively, when connected, the two chips read and decode data sent to each other to distinguish CRMC products from others.


Track and Trace

The chips embedded in cartridge and battery are programmable by our exclusive encoder, making it possible that all of the seed-to-sale tracking data of oil are available for consumers. This gives us the ability to track, the ability to authenticate, and the ability to put brand recognition beyond the products.


How to Work

Use our exclusive encoder, connect it to the computer, open the corresponding application, and write in the information you want in the application. It is all your decision to make how much information you want available.



  1. The most secure way of authentication
  2. To protect brands from counterfeits
  3. Specifically made oil-matching hardware
  4. Improved vaping experience with effortless control
  5. Environmentally friendly components
  6. To tighter auditing controls


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