CRMC - For The Optimal Vaping Experience

CRMC brand is a global brand and its original business is involved in the Ceramic heating core, which is the source of the CRMC brand name. With the development and changes of the cannabis market, we decide to focus our attention on products based on our core technology including Anti-Counterfeit technology, Automated Oil-Specific Temperature Control technology, and more coming soon.


CRMC is built on providing the optimal vaping experience to the user. Secure. Simple. Superior. We use these three words to depict our CRMC brand. So far, we have launched a CRMC A1 cartridge and CRMC L1 battery under the CRMC brand.


Secure: Smart Battery With Authentication Technology

Security is our first thing to concern. The vaping crisis aroused wide public concern on vaping counterfeit. In response to this event, our series product A1 cartridge and L1 battery feature the anti-counterfeiting technology implemented by CRMC exclusive smart chip. With an integrated processor that encrypts communications by two channels, the data is secure and information is unlikely to be decoded.


Simple: Hassle-Free To Use

The CRMC exclusive smart chip also makes Automated Oil-Specific Temperature Control be a reality. Once connecting the CRMC cartridge, the built-in chip in CRMC battery can read out the preset data in the cartridge and automatically output the voltage for optimal vaporization to get the better performance. This optimal temperature control function can free you from the trouble of frequent voltage settings by manual. The preset voltage obtained from big data and repeat testing for specific oil is also desirable for most users.


Superior: Healthy And Environmentally-Friendly Material

We ensure safe and secure hardware by the strictest quality control on material & components selection and throughout the entire manufacturing process. Our cartridges are made of food-grade materials and manufactured at a dust-free workshop to protect them from contamination. Production information, as well as other information such as producer, material, components, lab reports, etc. can be traceable.


Our mission is to build superior products relying on the core technology and excellent quality, which empowers oil brands and oil producers we work with stand out from their competition. Making our innovation to drive the development of the cannabis industry is always our pursuit. This inspires us to continuously explore and create purer and more excellent user experiences for users and the whole industry. In the future, we will launch more series of products under the CRMC brand. Please stay tuned on us and join us to make this vision come true.