Why is Vape Cartridge Leaking and How to Avoid it?

Why is Vape Cartridge Leaking and How to Avoid it?

Vape cartridges are gaining more and more popularity day after day. But one issue should be taken into consideration when using vape carts. Some cartridges are leaking from the intake hole, which makes the vaping experience not good. Nobody likes an oil spill or leaking since CBD or THC oil is so expensive. 


The vape cartridges we are talking about have a similar structure: the airflow hole is on the bottom. Oil may leak from the intake hole or bottom hole. The reasons why vapers dislike leaking mainly lies in: oil is precious and vaping experience is spoiled. 

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Most vapers, whether beginners or veterans, have experienced the problem. However, if we can find out the oil leak causes, and the problem could be avoided. This article will try to offer some solutions to help manufacturer, oil brand, and user stamp out oil leaks for good. Leakage means that oil will flow out even without any cracks of the cartridge. It may leak out from the glass tube edge, air inlet, drip tip or bottom positive screws etc.

Poor design structure; Thickness or length of cotton; Aperture size does not match oil viscosity; Poor seal design.



  • For Manufacturer

  • Product design related


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Oil leak causes

  • Poor design structure

  • Thickness or length of cotton

  • Aperture size does not match oil viscosity

  • Poor seal design


  • Standardized design

  • List of test items

  • Verification of limit tolerance fit

  • Perform failure analysis

  • Oil test in American laboratory


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Production related

  • Oil leak causes

  • The cotton is not in place;

  • The sealing ring is not installed properly.

  • Solutions

  • Automated production

  • Train skilled workers.

Quality control related

  • Oil leak causes

  • Material incoming quality defect;

  • Poor quality control;

  • New product reliability test is incomplete;

  • Solutions

  • Strengthen incoming inspection;

  • Improve quality control;

  • Carry out completing new products reliability test.


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For Oil Brand

  • Oil leak causes

  • Cartridge does not match oil type

  • Fill oil at high temperature

  • Long time placement before sealing (capping)

  • High air pressure whiling sealing (capping)

  • High air pressure whiling filling


  • Do not top off the tank

  • Leave upside down after sealing (capping)

  • Use a syringe with a fine needle

  • Wipe off the remaining oil on the needle

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A Comprehensive Solution to Oil Leaks on Vape Cartridges

Oil Sample Test

  • Carrying out oil sample test before order can effectively solve most of the above-mentioned oil leaks. CRMC highly recommended oil brands carrying out oil sample test according to the Product Acknowledgment provided by CRMC.

  • Through oil sample test, you can find the oil filling method, oil filling temperature, pressure, and sealing (capping) time that are suitable for your oil type.

  • After the sample test, timely feedback on the problems in the test. If there is no problems found, please sign on the Acknowledgement.

  • Ensure that the oil types of the bulk are the same as those used in sample test. If the oil types are changed, the sample test needs to be redone.


For User


Oil leak causes

Use or store under high temperature.


Avoid using or storing under high temperature;

Do not leave cartridges in the car for a long time;

Keep away from fireplace or other heat sources;

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