How Vape Technology Make Our Life Easier?

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Product counterfeiting is a major issue in high-end or top-tier brands of vape cartridges. Anyone who has bought vape cartridges on street stores may know that fake cartridges flooded on the market. 

Everything on fake ones may look right, but the material, manufacturing process & environment, workmanship, ingredients added turns out to be disqualified. If the consumers bought fake products, it will affect the public’s safety.

CRMC SMRT (2).jpg Vape technology helps combat counterfeits, build & ensure consumer confidence in brands. 

Many brand product authentication methods can be found in the market. Cartridge authentication solutions available on the market includes: 

QR codes, App-based technology, Security Labels on Packaging, Barcodes, Built-in Chips based anti-counterfeiting technology, etc. 

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QR codes- it is used with smartphone apps together to help consumers identify real vape cartridges, check out the ingredients, heavy metal testing results, etc. 

QR codes may not be the best choice for anti-piracy. QR codes can be created by anyone.

If QR code is scanned a second time, then we will know that the code has been duplicated and the vape cartridge is counterfeit. 

To solve this issue, related technology should be utilized to keep track of when and where a barcode or QR code is scanned. Also, it’s necessary to keep track of the codes to monitor if they have been scanned by consumers and how many times has been scanned. For the first time, we can validate the vape cartridge is legitimate. Another way to solve this issue is to create a complex backend server to secure the system. 


App-based technology- It provides certificates of analysis (COA), including complete testing results. it utilizes app and you can view complete analysis on your mobile phone App. Ingredients, heavy metals testing results will be displayed on the App. Full transparency, don’t take other people’s word for it. Build trust with your vapor, yourself. 

App-based authentication technology is actually password-based authentication in mobile applications. Even if this method has been one of the most essential authentication technologies, it also has weakness like password storing and sharing. 

It also can not completely protect the password's integrity from new brute force or hack attacks. 

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Security Labels on Packaging- Some manufacturers are printing security labels on the packaging to differentiate their products from counterfeit knockoffs. These product authentication labels can allow the manufacturers to track, authenticate, strengthen brand recognition in the form of e-verification, labels-tracking, data-capturing, and 3D images, etc. 

Barcodes- It provides a graphically secure mark that consumers can scan for accurate information about the product’s life cycle with an app on their phones. It is used with other

auxiliary tools. This method is affordable and easy to implement. 

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Built-in Chips based anti-counterfeiting technology—CRMC, a brand that has developed an innovative technology can’t be counterfeit or decoding to combat counterfeits. 

It utilizes a smart and easy way to identify real vape cartridges via anti-counterfeiting technology. It can achieve ingredients disclosure, testing results tracking, information storage, dosing and usage monitoring, etc. 

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Encrypted cartridges come with built-in chips to combat counterfeit vape products, which helps differentiate real vape cartridges from faked ones, protect real products from the illicit market. Most importantly, it ensures products are safe. It further accelerates the pace in regulating the whole market. 

It allows an easy and smart authentication process, instantly identifying connected cartridge from counterfeit with interacting built-in chips to verify product authenticity. 

Built-in chip can encode and decode data sent by chips in cartridge and battery each other, the LED indicator lights display the status once connected.

How It Works? 


Write two sets of data in two chips respectively, when connected, the two chips read and decode data sent to each other to distinguish CRMC products from others.

Got more questions about CRMC? 

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